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Live Tracks and Mixes of Worldwide Tekno Music
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This radio is for the purpose of freely showcasing underground music to support artists.
Donations are specifically for radio upkeep and maintenance.


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Radio Shows

Previous Shows: 20th December 2017
BTribal Winter Special 2017
Ska, Acid and Tekno to warm you through the winter!
Featuring DJ Shnootz, No Comment! and Tiddles.

23rd November 2017
BTribal Relaunch Show
After recovering from the festival season, BTribal is back. Featuring guest Kohhna.
Acid, Breaks, Tekno and more!

Visit the BTribal Mixcloud Profile to listen.

Upcoming Shows:
29th December 2017 - Final Show of the Year

Events and Parties

The last BTribal Party was:
Vandal/Mandidextrous w/ TeknoRepublic
When: 24th November

Upcoming Parties:

Info coming soon...check back in the new year!


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