BTribal Winter Special Show #2

This Wednesday the 20th of December, BTribal’s Winter Special returns for a second year to bring you a onslaught of banging tunes from a worldwide selection of DJs!

Acid, Tekno, Ska and DnB to get you through your cold evening from 8PM!

20.00 – Live Tracks Warmup by KTek
20.20 – Tiddles – Ska/Reggae Mix
21.25 – DJ Shnootz – Acid Techno Mix (
22.25 – KTek – Acid Tekno/Breaks Mix (
23.25 – Peter Habit – Acid Techno Mix

If you haven’t heard them already, don’t forget to listen to Kohhna’s Mix and the other sets from last week’s show.

Available via our Mixcloud page: